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Some things that naver made sense to me in Harry Potter Saga

November 25, 2010 8 comments

Yes, I am talking about the dude with the round spectacles and the mark on the forehead. You all know him and have read him, and most probably watched him on screen. He swept the world some years back and became a global phenomenon triggering magically rowdy behavior among young children, and some over grown children.

I was never a big Harry Potter fan, but I usually watched the series for its special effects which are undoubtedly awesome! There has been a lot of stuff I keep wondering about the whole Harry Potter mania and haven’t found answers about them. J.K Rowling won’t have time to reply to my long email(or maybe she would use it as toilet paper– which is intolerable for my esteemed opinions). I am making a list of the questions I want to ask, related to the Harry Potter series(Take it in a lighter vein. No offenses to fans)->

1. What exactly saved Harry from Voldemort as a kid? Was it his mother’s love? or was it Voldemort’s goof-up? or was it a fluke? They keep changing the reasons in every part, leaving us clueless.

2. Voldemort’s fatal spell gave that mark on Harry’s forehead. It could have been something uglier. But it was the perfect-stylish-lightening bolt mark. Why couldn’t it be a 50 Cent portrait?

3. How exactly did Voldemort come up with that name? Oh yes, we saw that alphabet rearrangement of ‘Tom Riddle’ but that was pretty lame. This sinister dude actually did that rearrangement to make a name for himself? Epic Fail !

4. Harry Potter becomes one of the finest wizards in the world. He knows all sorts of spells. But he doesn’t have a spell for correcting his eye-sight? Or does he think that the glasses look cool on him? Read more…


People are wasting time after shows like MTV Roadies

November 19, 2010 4 comments

I am not much of a television watcher(KBC is the only show I watch), but I have friends who are. And it is not unusual not to miss out on those shows which are surrounded by buzz all the time. And in this post I am going to talk about one such reality show which has gained so much hype among youngsters that thousands of young people actually have an aim to make it into the show. They conduct auditions all over India and people flock like there is a free lunch. You know what I am talking about, right? Yes. I am talking about MTV Roadies.

Roadies Chandigarh AuditionsSorry to disappoint those who thought I am going to write goodies about the show. I am not at all fond of it, in fact I would say that I hate the show. I believe it is one of the most unintelligent shows on T.V and is a waste of airtime. Many youngsters, no doubt, flock from far away places to audition for the show and perceive it to be their life’s aim. I pity such people as they have no idea how low their aim is. I read someone’s status update on facebook saying- “There are some people who say that being a ‘Roadie’ is the biggest thing in their lives. Those people are either stupid, or have no idea what life is.”. I could not agree more. People are squandering time, energy, money and are proud of it ! Read more…

Social Networks- Can we live without them?

November 14, 2010 1 comment

Every morning I wake up and I am still in my bed when I try to reach out for my cellphone without even opening my eyes. I forcefully open my eyes a bit and try to navigate through my cellphone’s internet browser. I open facebook and see what all notifications I have, who has liked my updates, who has sent me a message or a friend request. Finding good stuff on my wall brings the first smile of the day on my face.
The next thing I do is open twitter and see for any @ mentions about me. If there are, I reply to them at that very moment. Then I bootstrap my sleepy mind to think of something innovative and catchy, so that I can tweet it.
So, that is how my day begins… and ends too. And these processes are repeated numerous times at the other times of the day too.

My parents usually are not very happy with my social networking addiction. Maybe they are really not aware that every youngster(with due apologies to the oldsters :p ) is a social networking addict. Read more…