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Social Networks- Can we live without them?

Every morning I wake up and I am still in my bed when I try to reach out for my cellphone without even opening my eyes. I forcefully open my eyes a bit and try to navigate through my cellphone’s internet browser. I open facebook and see what all notifications I have, who has liked my updates, who has sent me a message or a friend request. Finding good stuff on my wall brings the first smile of the day on my face.
The next thing I do is open twitter and see for any @ mentions about me. If there are, I reply to them at that very moment. Then I bootstrap my sleepy mind to think of something innovative and catchy, so that I can tweet it.
So, that is how my day begins… and ends too. And these processes are repeated numerous times at the other times of the day too.

My parents usually are not very happy with my social networking addiction. Maybe they are really not aware that every youngster(with due apologies to the oldsters :p ) is a social networking addict. Earlier, one could use social networks only through a computer, but now there are so many mobile applications available for networking that people stay connected on the go. That means they are paying a lot of attention to being connected thing. It has become a part of our life, but there were times when it was not…

Our parents did not have any such thing in past, and do you think that they were any less friendly with their friends?
I would say that they were more real than we are. They had 20 friends, but those 20 were the real friends. They would meet those friends, hang-out with them and share a lot of stuff with them. Now a days, we have 100-500+ friends on facebook and we do not know even 10% of them. We are just faking our friendship while being least interested in what they are doing in their life. Many of us are just on the quest of increasing our friend count. This is hardly doing us any good. There are young people who spend long hours on social networks, doing nothing and squandering their time. This time could have been used for some productive work. The social networks are getting loyal traffic, but those who are unnecessarily staying on these social networks are losing out on the most important thing in life- Time. Older people claim that the present digital generation is becoming less emotionally attached to others because they are not really connected with others. In the age of emoticons, it becomes difficult to display emotions in real life situations. These people claim that social networks are the new age menace.

But we cannot completely despise the use of social networks. We know they have helped us in unthinkable ways. Imagine living in 1980s and trying to organize a reunion of your classmates who have spread all over the world. You would have to work hard to get their contact details, then you would have to call each and every person separately. Once they all agree, you would need to call everyone in case of any updates. What a headache !
But today, you are already connected to all your friends through social networks. There are groups and you can send a message to thousands of people in just one click. And this is interactive. You get back immediate responses and making updates is cake walk. We also see that social networks have also become a boon for marketeers. Social Media Marketing gives those people a very easy way of reaching out to their target audience.
Social networks like Linkedin give professional opportunities to people and you can interact with your future employers/employees there. The world is fast paced now, and social networks allow us that fast paced networking. We cannot have a black and white verdict in this case. The verdict has to be gray.
It is the individuals who make social networks good or bad. It depends on how you use it. There are people who have made fortunes out of them, and there are people who have wasted time on them. At the end of the day, it depends on the choices a person makes.

  1. November 15, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Sounds a bit cliched, but very true no doubt. In the race to be the most popular on FB, we often forget to be even “like”-able in real life.

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