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Some things that naver made sense to me in Harry Potter Saga

Yes, I am talking about the dude with the round spectacles and the mark on the forehead. You all know him and have read him, and most probably watched him on screen. He swept the world some years back and became a global phenomenon triggering magically rowdy behavior among young children, and some over grown children.

I was never a big Harry Potter fan, but I usually watched the series for its special effects which are undoubtedly awesome! There has been a lot of stuff I keep wondering about the whole Harry Potter mania and haven’t found answers about them. J.K Rowling won’t have time to reply to my long email(or maybe she would use it as toilet paper– which is intolerable for my esteemed opinions). I am making a list of the questions I want to ask, related to the Harry Potter series(Take it in a lighter vein. No offenses to fans)->

1. What exactly saved Harry from Voldemort as a kid? Was it his mother’s love? or was it Voldemort’s goof-up? or was it a fluke? They keep changing the reasons in every part, leaving us clueless.

2. Voldemort’s fatal spell gave that mark on Harry’s forehead. It could have been something uglier. But it was the perfect-stylish-lightening bolt mark. Why couldn’t it be a 50 Cent portrait?

3. How exactly did Voldemort come up with that name? Oh yes, we saw that alphabet rearrangement of ‘Tom Riddle’ but that was pretty lame. This sinister dude actually did that rearrangement to make a name for himself? Epic Fail !

4. Harry Potter becomes one of the finest wizards in the world. He knows all sorts of spells. But he doesn’t have a spell for correcting his eye-sight? Or does he think that the glasses look cool on him?

5. Suppose a wizard/witch studies in the Hogwarts School throughout. Then what does that witch/wizard become? Like here, after a course, someone becomes a doctor or engineer or manager. What do they become? and what work do they do?

6. The weaslys have a whole big bunch of kids. The parents did have much of official work or household works to do, clearly.

7. Harry Potter attracts all the trouble. But why is it that it is those who accompany him die?? too much of luck? Who would want to make friends with a dude who can get you killed anytime!

8. Voldemort has a cropped nose, when he returns to power. If that is his face at the zenith of his power, he must have been a shit-face as a kid. His looks give Mr Bean a complex. Hasn’t the greatest wizard, the dark lord heard about plastic surgery spells?

9. What do people in the wizard world do when they need an immediate contact with someone. Why do we never see a cell phone with anybody? Sending an owl is not very practical when you want to say ‘Help ! the person in front of me is trying to kill me’.

10. Why do they still use quills to write? Dipping in the ink and then writing is not a good idea. Somebody should have told them about ball pens.

11. How come Draco Malfoy doesn’t show interest in girls? He always goes around with two huge guys. Is Draco gay?

12. Ever saw a wizard/witch getting a pocket money or salary in the movies? nobody talks about money or career. ideal world!

13. Harry hooks up with Ron’s sister, Ginny. Isn’t it an infringement of the legendary ‘BRO’S CODE‘?? Ron and Fred and George don’t seem to mind either.

14. The broomsticks these guys fly on, aren’t they a bit inconvenient? I mean, sitting on a thin stick and flying for long is not too good for your rear.

15. The only spectacular cuss word we heard them say was ‘Mudblood’. Are they low on Abusive Quotient? If they come here, we can teach them a couple of really hard-hitting ‘maa-behen’ cuss words.

16. Dumbledore was the greatest wizard in the history. He still got killed by a common death spell from a member of faculty ? And he could never make out who was on his side?

17. Voldemort’s snake is called Nagini. Is that a male or a female snake? what ever it is, it is surely sex-starved. It doesn’t have a soul mate for sure.

18. Voldemort and his ancestors were parseltongue(they spoke the snake language). But do even the snakes use this language? Snakes are deaf(have no ears). So, they generally cannot hear what the other snake is saying. what language the other snake is speaking doesn’t really matter to them. Who invented the idea of snake language?

19. The movie shows that the house ‘Slytherin’ had mostly the people who are sinister and create ruckus. So why does the school have to admit those people?

20. Nobody works out at gyms in the wizard world. Are they not crazy about biceps and 6-pack abs ?? Strange!

If you have answers to these questions or you want to add more points to the list, just post them in the comments section and I would include them here.

  1. Abhirup
    November 26, 2010 at 3:15 am

    I like the 20th comment…. guess wizards build their biceps by magic

    • November 28, 2010 at 1:02 pm

      @Abhirup: I know… One spell and you have a Greek God figure :p

  2. November 28, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I am a die hard HP, books and not movies, fan… and I must confess some of the things that u mentioned are seriously lacking… but the pull of the book is in itself such strong for me that I kind of ignored the questions

    • November 28, 2010 at 1:04 pm

      @Aashish: At another place where I posted this blog post, people got a little mad at me. They thought my post insulted the cult that is HP. But I mentioned in the post itself that I wrote this as a funny post.
      I am happy to know that you, even after being a HP fan, are not mad at me 😀

  3. Rahul
    December 11, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    1. It was his mother’s love..always mentioned..another story behind it.
    2. demand-supply :p ,ppl wud hav preffered this mark than ugly one.
    3. well good one…never thought of it.
    4. ummm….
    5.ITS all mentioned in HP books..especially in book5(nt movie) there is a lot of discussion on what future prospects are there for harry after passing.
    6. Arthur worked for ministry of magic and his job ws something related to muggles,so he ws that much involved with harry too.
    7. friends with a HERO :p
    8. he got that at end of book4.
    9. inside hogwarts no magic allowed,outside there were many other ways(nt telephone but,humans created magic in this particular field )
    10. looks classsic..
    11. he ws shown with girls many times, crabbe,goyle were just his bootlickers.
    12. harry’s parents left a fortune for harry.. Ron’s family was short of money always..so was ron’s pocketmoney.. lots of incidences talking abt prizess,cash(one galleon=17sickles=17*29 knuts ~=7pounds)
    13.well, it ws ‘his best friend and his sister’ :p
    14. well, QUIDDITCH was legendaryy
    15. they r bad in those.
    16. YOU havent’ read 7th book rite.. the next movie will be a big surprise for you. 😉
    18. sab Rowling madam ki maaya hai.
    19. slytherin is for students exhibiting traits like cunning and ambition. diff houses are based on diff traits..
    20. hehe..yeah..

    PS: I know u wrote most of it as funny, i posted this coz i lyk replying to all pts in a long post ..good post otherwise 🙂 especially the image

  1. November 26, 2010 at 7:30 pm

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